Printing has been in our family since February 1901, when Wanfred W. Waterman began a seven year apprenticeship in Type Composing. Since then it has carried on down through the years, and is now in the fourth generation of the family. We have been printing in east Cork for over forty years, with offices in both Carrigtwohill and Midleton. We focus on making the process as simple for you as possible, as we know you’re busy, and on making sure that you get to raise the most money possible for your school. We’re a small and energetic team, which means you’ll get a personal service which you wouldn’t get from a larger company. It also means we are able to be flexible in what we can do for you, so don’t be afraid to ask!

We believe our best salespeople are you, our satisfied customers, which is a testament to our quality print services. 

Our experienced team is always on call, ready to answer any queries you may have, simply contact us on 021 4883458 or email!​

Sally plans out what we’re up to. She looks after the lists and spreadsheets and makes sure you get what you’ve asked for.​

Jon and Kevin are our creative whizzes. Their job is to make sure that all of the children’s beautiful artwork gets translated into fantastic cards and get them all printed.​

Declan and Alfie are the men on the ground. They cut and crease and pack every one of your cards, and get them all get boxed up and sent straight to you.​

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You can register either using the form on this website, or if you prefer you can just give us a call and we’ll look after everything on the phone for you. Once you’re registered we’ll send out your drawing templates for the kids to draw on, as well as your admin templates to make it all easier for you!

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Once you have the drawing templates for the kids, you can get the fun part started! We recommend that the drawings are done in the classroom to help keep things simple, and we can advise you on the right materials to use to get the best results on your cards. Once they’re done, send them in to us….

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Soon after that, you’ll receive a digital proof of your card to approve. Once you’ve collected orders from the whole school, send in the details to us and we’ll begin processing your cards.

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As soon as we’ve completed your cards, they’ll be sent out to your school ready to be distributed to the kids. Only once you have received your cards will we ask you for payment, so you are able to settle the bill from the monies collected in class.


We know it can be difficult for schools to find money, so we don’t ask for any payment until after you have received your cards. That means that you can pay your bill in full in one payment, using the money you’ve collected in class.​

No. We won’t ask you for payment until after you have received your cards, so you can pay using the money you’ve collected.

Yes, the minimum order is 50 packs of cards. To avail of the €7 per pack rate, the minimum order is 50 packs of cards. We can do smaller quantities, in this case please contact us for a quote.

Friday the 4th of October 2024 is the last day for registration. Friday the 8th of November 2024 is the last day for any extra orders.

We can put any message you like inside the card, or even leave it blank if you prefer. The only thing is the whole school must have the same message.

Each pack of 10 cards plus envelopes will cost the school €7, but it's up to you what you sell them for. The majority of schools that we print cards for sell them at €10 to €12 a pack, which means you can raise €3 to €5 per pack of cards sold for the school.

Kind of... we can advise you on what will give the best results, We have a list of do’s and don’ts on each drawing template. Please remember that we will have to scan the picture, so it must be flat to fit on the scanner bed. And please . . . NO NEON OR GLITTER!

Yes. We can and do work with clubs and societies just as well, so if you club needs to raise some money this Christmas, please get in touch!

"Changed supplier to support local this year, Cards4Schools didn’t disappoint.
The staff were helpful & lovely to deal with. Sally quickly picked up on some of our errors which was great. Loved that we could drop off and collect with ease reducing time wasted greatly as we started a little late.
We also wanted to try something different and Sally worked with us on sheets of wrapping paper which looked fab and was a big hit."​

Mags Cronin, Chair, Beaumont Boys School​

Click on the white fields below to fill in your details.​

Please provide a single point of contact with one full delivery address below. Deliveries can arrive up to 6pm, please ensure there will be someone to accept deliveries throughout the day at the address provided below.​

  • Due to the high number of applications every year, schools will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • No photocopying of templates is allowed.
  • Class drawings must be provided in numerical order, ready to be processed.
  • Please include a note with packages of drawings sent to us identifying which school you are.
  • Please ensure all packages sent to us are properly sealed to avoid damage when transporting.
  • In order to streamline the process, please use spreadsheets supplied by Cards4Schools only! Unfortunately any other spreadsheets cannot be accepted.
  • All spreadsheets must be filled out digitally, handwritten names cannot be accepted.
  • Please use ‘title caps’ for text in spreadsheets as opposed to all caps.
  • All class spreadsheets need to be filled out correctly, ensuring the correct name, class, teacher and reference number is clearly identified.
  • The content of drawings cannot be edited.
  • Due to the volume of registrations and processing times, all extras will be done as a single batch after all schools have been processed. Please collect any extra orders and submit all together.
  • Any concerns or questions from parents or guardians must be directed to the school representative, Cards4Schools will only provide correspondence through the school’s designated contact.
  • All cards will be packed by class name for ease of distribution.
  • All orders are checked in a three stage process to ensure they are correct.
  • Delivery charges apply. All orders will be sent using a courier service and a tracking number can be provided. Once the order leaves Cards4Schools and the tracking number is provided, in the unlikely event orders are lost, damaged or late, Cards4Schools will not be held responsible.
  • Please ensure packages and deliveries from Cards4Schools will be able to be received at the provided delivery address. Delivery times vary and can be as late as 6pm once dispatched.

A full and up-to-date GDPR statement is available on request. Cards4Schools is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the GDPR.​

By pressing submit I agree to the terms and conditions outlined above and consent that all information provided is up-do-date and correct. * is a small and energetic team, which means you’ll get a personal service you wouldn’t get from a larger company. It also means we are able to be flexible in what we can do for you, so don’t be afraid to ask!​

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